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College of Business Students: Explain how the knowledge and concepts provided in this course will better prepare you for your chosen career path.College of Science, Engineering and Technology Students:Do you fully understand the BCP project you are embarking upon within this degree program?Do you understand that you must retain a copy of all final assignments moving forward in order to complete your final project?Do you understand that the university does not retain copies of these assignments?Do you understand that if you lose or misplace these assignments you will be required to rewrite them to the same degree in which they were originally provided?Do you understand that you should modify these assignments based on your instructor’s notes and grades?Do you understand that failure to retain or rewrite any lost assignment will prevent you from graduating from this program?If you understand all of the information above, please type out the following for your reply to the question:I (your name) have read and understand that I must retain a copy of this and all future final homework assignments in order to graduate from my master’s degree program. I understand that if do not retain these assignments that I will be required to rewrite them. I further understand that this is my responsibility alone.

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