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Management information system Assignment2

Around : 500 words.The objective of this assignment is to understand the impacts of information systems on business processes.  In this assignment, you will reflect on issues in IT-supported business process management through a case study.The case study is in ONE of the following two articles:1. “Information Systems and Healthcare XXXI: Improving Infection Control Process Efficiency to Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections”.   In the case study is in section IV—“A case study in business process management in healthcare”.2. “IT-Led Process Reengineering: Sloan Valve Redesigned its New Product Development Process”.The articles are posted on the course website.  In this case study assignment, you are expected to study the strategy of using information systems to improve business processes, by discussing the following issues.1. What are the business objectives of the company/hospital?2. Describe the original state of the business process in the case study. What is the problem with the process?3. How did the company/hospital improve the business process? How did they use information systems to achieve the improvements? (Here, the main point is about how the information systems affect business processes.)

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