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Week 6 – Amazon Launches AWS Case Analysis

Using the following case from Information Technology for Managers (2nd ed.),Do the following in this week’s case discussion forum:Collaborate with your peers in this week’s case discussion forum to identify users of Amazon AWS BI products and services.What sort of costs and start-up efforts are required to employ Amazon AWS services?What organizations compete with Amazon in the BI platform arena?This collaborative research activity should provide you the foundation you’ll need to conduct your analysis of the case.Then, answer the following (case questions):Give your analysis of the costs and start-up efforts required to employ Amazon AWS services.How do these costs compare with the costs of developing this infrastructure in-house?Give a summary of the organizations competing with Amazon in the BI platform arena.What are their costs and relative strengths and weaknesses compared to the Amazon offerings?Assignment RequirementsYou are a management consultant working on the Amazon Account- Draft an e-mail analysis to your manager demonstrating what you would like to propose to the Amazon Executives through collaboration, your own independent research, and the application of this week’s topics regarding the above case. Be sure to begin your analysis starting with the points mentioned above in your final deliverable (Introduction, summary of the central issues, analysis, and recommendations, etc) and cite your work appropriately using APA formatted citations and include references to fortify your position.Get help with APA-style citations at Purdue’s OWL site>>Links to an external site.Choose a submission typeSubmission type Upload, currently selectedUploadMore submission optionsMoreSubmit file using Webcam PhotoWebcam PhotoSubmit file using Canvas FilesCanvas Files

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