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IHP 525 5-3 Final Project Part II Milestone Three: Process and Calculations

5-3 Final Project Part II Milestone Three: Process and CalculationsOverview: Your task is to help the organization answer the health question by critically analyzing the data. You will run descriptive statistics and a statistical test, create a graph, interpret the results, and present the results and recommendations to non-technical decision makers in the form of a statistical report. Keep in mind that it is your job to do this from a statistical standpoint. Be sure to justify your conclusions and recommendations with appropriate statistical support. Prompt: In order to successfully explore the health question, you need to plan what descriptive statistics, statistical test you need to run and what graph you need to create. In Milestone Three, you will complete the Milestone Three table in which you propose the calculations and graph(s) you will need to perform to answer the health question you are investigating. In crafting your table, consider the following:  Watch Choosing a Statistical Test (12:31).  What test will you need to run?  If you are hypothesis testing, what are your null and alternative hypotheses?  Is there a test that you want to use that you have not learned about yet? What is it? What is your plan for researching this test? Then explain why you chose these calculations to explore your health question. Specifically address this critical element: ● Process: Propose how you will go about answering the health question you were asked to address based on the data set provided. Rubric Guidelines for Submission: You will submit a table and 1–2 paragraphs in a single Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and using APA format for all citations. You may use the Milestone Three table document linked above as a template.IHP 525 Milestone Three TableFor this milestone, in order to explore your health question you are investigating, you need to plan what descriptive statistics and statistical test you will need to run, as well as what graph you will need to create.Step 1: Complete the table below in which you will propose the calculations and graph(s) you will need to perform to answer the health question you are investigating.Question:Answer:What is your   health (research) question?What is the   corresponding null and alternative hypotheses?List the   descriptive statistics you will compute, using which variable(s), to help   answer your health question.What is the   name of the statistical test that you will use to test your hypothesis and   answer your health question?What is the   formula for your chosen statistical test?Why is the   statistical test you chose appropriate to answer your health question? Be   sure to be clear on how the two variables you described in Milestone Two are   used to complete this test.Which graph(s)   (histogram, stem and leaf, boxplot, bar graph, scatterplot) will you use to   visualize the answer to your health question? Be specific and include which   variables will be used and if the graph will be created for different   subgroups of subjects.Step 2: Provide a 1-2 paragraph explanation below as to why you chose the calculations outlined in the table above to explore your health question. Describe what statistics you will compute in order to answer your chosen health (research) question. Be sure to discuss any graphs that you will compute and what information they will provide to help you answer your health question.

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