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Mary project2

The case discussion questions are designed to make you think strategically at the CIO/CISO level. In your discussion of each question, focus on how you would deal with each of these situations if you were the CIO/CISO thus integrated both your business acumen and your technical knowledge. The business case comes directly from a real-world example.Case Study: The State of CybercrimeActionsPlease prepare a PowerPoint Presentation (with references at the end) highlighting at a minimum but not limited to the following:How could the banks mentioned in this case have mitigated or prevented the thefts?How would smart cards be safer than magnetic swipe cards? Why?Why would this type of distributed bank theft be faster and incur larger losses than a traditional strong-arm bank robbery?Are cybercrime efforts becoming more targeted? Why?Why are organizations hesitant to report losses related to cybercrime?Why are malicious insiders a focus of security experts?As this is a Masters Level Presentation…  Take one facet from above – perform additonal research and expand the topic.Your deliverable for this assignment is the PowerPoint Presentation covering the main points, with a reference page at the enc.  Please do not just do a question/ answer slide presentation. The intent is to demonstrate your mastery at the CIO/ CIISO level.View RubricCase Study Rubric (1)Case Study Rubric (1)CriteriaRatingsPtsProfessional Assignment/ Presentationview longer description/ 2 ptsStrong Introduction describing the purporse of the presentation.view longer description/ 5 ptsAll topics covered in the presentation.view longer description/ 5 ptsResearch and expansion of the topicview longer description/ 5 ptsConclusionview longer description/ 5 ptsReferencesview longer description

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