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Quiz 4

1. _ incident responses enables the organization to react to a detected incident quickly and effectively, without confusion or wasted time and effort.a.Recordingb.Publishingc.Predefiningd.Discussing5 pointsQUESTION 21. The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology recommends a set of tools for the CSIRT including incident reporting mechanisms with which users can report suspected incidents. At least one of these mechanisms should permit people to report incidents ____.a.anonymouslyb.directly to the CSOc.onlined.for a reward5 pointsQUESTION 31. In a(n) ____________________ plan test strategy, each potential participant individually details the performance of each task, though stopping short of the actual physical task required.5 pointsQUESTION 41. A recommended practice for the implementation of the physical IR plan is to select a ____ binder.a.greenb.redc.blackd.blue5 pointsQUESTION 51. In ____________________ training, prepackaged software provides training at the trainee’s workstation.5 pointsQUESTION 61. Incident analysis resources include network diagrams and lists of ____, such as database servers.a.desk checksb.protocol analyzersc.critical assetsd.simulation software5 pointsQUESTION 71. The Southeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition is unique in that it focuses on the operational aspect of managing and protecting an existing network infrastructure. Unlike “capture-the-flag ” exercises, this competition is exclusively a real-world ____ competition.a.defensiveb.hackingc.end-user trainingd.offensive5 pointsQUESTION 81. The IR plan is usually ____ when an incident causes minimal damage with little or no disruption to business operations.a.placed on alertb.placed on standbyc.activatedd.not activated5 pointsQUESTION 91. A final IR plan should be tested at least ____________________ by performing at least a structured walk-through test and a more realistic type of test, when possible.5 pointsQUESTION 101. ____ is the process of systematically examining information assets for evidentiary material that can provide insight into how an incident transpired.a.Disaster recoveryb.Incident responsec.War gamingd.Forensics analysis5 pointsQUESTION 111. Organizing the incident response planning process begins with staffing the disaster recovery committee.TrueFalse5 pointsQUESTION 121. Should an incident begin to escalate, the CSIRT team leader continues to add resources and skill sets as necessary to attempt to contain and terminate the incident. The resulting team is called the ____ for this particular incident.a.response unitb.forensic teamc.IR unitd.reaction force5 pointsQUESTION 131. The responsibility for creating an organization’s IR plan often falls to the ____.a.chief information   security officerb.database   administratorc.forensic expertd.project manager5 pointsQUESTION 141. A recommended practice for the implementation of the physical IR plan document is to organize the contents so that the first page contains the ____ actions.a.“during attack”b.“before attack”c.trainingd.testing5 pointsQUESTION 151. A favorite pastime of information security professionals is ____, which is a simulation of attack and defense activities using realistic networks and information systems.a.war gamingb.parallel testingc.simulationd.structured   walk-through5 pointsQUESTION 161. The ____ Department of an organization needs to review the procedures of the CSIRT and understand the steps the CSIRT will perform to ensure it is within legal and ethical guidelines for the municipal, state, and federal jurisdictions.a.Auditingb.Laborc.Legald.Public Relations5 pointsQUESTION 171. The training delivery method with the lowest cost to the organization is ____.a.user support groupb.self-study   (noncomputerized)c.on-the-job trainingd.one-on-one5 pointsQUESTION 181. In computer-based training settings, trainees receive a seminar presentation at their computers.TrueFalse5 pointsQUESTION 191. General users require training on the technical details of how to do their jobs securely, including good security practices, ____ management, specialized access controls, and violation reporting.a.passwordb.war gamingc.“before action”d.organization5 pointsQUESTION 201. There are several national training programs that focus on incident response tools and techniques.TrueFalse

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