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3 PowerPoint Presentation on Walt Disney CRM Case Study

Please reference from attachment provided.Develop an executive-level PowerPoint presentation that uses the organizations in your case studies as examples to provide an analysis and recommendation to your CIO. Your presentation should include:An evaluation of what each organization did right and what they did wrong; compare and contrast them (see attachment).3 PowerPoint slide:Each slide should have a title and a limited amount of text. The presentation should capture key bullet points and not include complete paragraphs and detailed text. The bullet points in your presentation will be supported by relevant details in the “Notes” section of the slides. Use the Notes area to write what you would say if you were giving this as a presentation.Should incorporate atleast one scholarly resources.Rubric:The evaluation of what was done right and wrong for the enterprise system implementation in each case study is clearly explained and is directly related to the case study. The case studies are compared and contrasted, demonstrating sophisticated understanding of course concepts, analysis, critical thinking and synthesis.

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