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Application Problem

INSTRUCTIONS: Read the paragraph below, then answer the questions following the paragraph.     Janice is a production manager for a company that designs and produces  hydraulic valves that are used in aircraft systems. The company is  concerned that the number of valves not meeting the strict measurement  parameters has increased over the past several months. She implements a  quality control program that includes random inspections. Employees are  notified that these inspections will help the company to reduce  expenses from poor product quality. Janice runs the program for 9 months  and performs a different number of inspection each month.(check the attachment for this table same info) The table  below shows the number of inspections and the number of faulty hydraulic  valves produced each month.       Inspections Number of faulty valves   6 5   4 11   9 6   4 7   7 9   8 5   3 1   3 7   6 6

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