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Assignment 7

Instructions:An investigator of an incident scene is looking for physical AND testimonial evidence.Submission Instructions:There are a total of six activities that must be addressed. Describe each of these and note the relevance of each.The six activities or more in some literatures are related to the activities performed by the investigator while looking for evidence. Below are examples (select one of them):1)  Understanding Evidencehttps://www.iacpcybercenter.org/investigators/digital-evidence/understanding-digital-evidence/2)  A Common Process Model for Incident Response and Computer Forensicshttps://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/A-Common-Process-Model-for-Incident-Response-and-Freiling-Schwittay/ffec5abb02dd451643b190c2bf0ffbd610666689?p2df

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