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Coupling of my work responsibilities with my university courses

I want a write up where you can couple my courses with my work responsibilities. I’m doing PhD in IT and is working in a company. So I need this write up showing how my PhD degree is benefitting my work and how it is related to my work.This is my work responsibilities:· Developing high performing data delivery solutions and work with Data Architect and application teams to deliver high-speed solutions· Developing multiple data access mechanism APIs by implementing OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization Security on APIs· Participate in SQL query tuning and revise ETL mapping specifications and/or stored procedures as required.· Reverse engineer data from various systems and develop automated engines for data relationship, subsetting, and automated query generation.· Using of Swagger/OpenAPI to document and consume the APIs and deploy using API Gateway.· Developing the test cases to cover all corner use cases by mocking data with Mockito.· Using security tools like Veracode & SonarQube for continuous inspection of code quality to perform automatic reviews with static analysis of code to detect bugs, code smells, and security vulnerabilities.· Developing of Databricks Notebooks using Python, Spark to migrate data from on-prem to Cloud with KMS encryption.· Experience with Jenkins, IAM Roles & Policies, ECS, Docker, ECR, Elasticsearch, SQS, Lambda to deploy infrastructure code into AWS and involve in life cycle management.· Working and involvement on Cloud watch logs, alarms, metrics to monitor lambda invocations, throttle issues etc and SNS Notifications for any failure fixtures.· Using of SSM and Secret Manager to store credentials in AWS and experience with KMS to encrypt or decrypt data.· Involvement in architectural design meetings and business reviews meetings of the work accomplished.· Using various standard python libraries like elasticsearch, requests, requests_aws4auth, etc. to transform the data in AWS Elasticsearch.· Experiencing with AWS CLI commands and Shell Scripts to update/delete/create AWS resources and perform any required operations on them.· Using Shell scripts and Hive Scripts in AWS data pipelines, Spark, Databricks jobs, and Elasticsearch Cluster to migrate data.· Performing code reviews and deploying of microservices using Spring boot on Elastic bean stalk and Elastic Cloud Compute, which has Load balancer and autoscaling configurations with versions.· Working with the Cloud security team on VPC’s, subnets, ports, AMIs, etc. based on regions and availability zones. Build and Release software baselines; code merges, branch, and label creation in GIT.· Working in an Agile environment and using the Rally tool to track sprints and iterations.and my Courses in PhD Include:1. Information Security and Risk Management2. Physical Security3. Operational Secuity4. Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning5. Cryptography6. Telecommunications and Network Security7. Legal Regulations, Compliance, and investigation8. Organisation Leader & Decision Making9. IT Importance in Strategic Planning10. IT in a Global Economy11. Information Governance12. Emerging Threats and Countermeasures13. Data Science and Big Data Analytics14. Enterprise Risk Management15. Inferential StatisticsI have also attached the Graduate Catalog for more clear information of each course.

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