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It is acceptable to incorporate much of the content submitted for the last assignment, but your site must end up looking very different. This stage allows you to develop more elaborate content and to potentially begin working on the team project individually. Make certain to validate each of your pages. Pages that have validation errors will not be accepted. Cite the source of any HTML or CSS code you borrow or adapt, in clear comments inside the HTML or CSS file where it is applied. Make liberal use of comments inside your code to describe the content and styling you have added.Find some cool pictures and adjust your color scheme. Add descriptive text and play with the fonts. Check how your site looks using several different browsers. The site content should fill a browser screen on every page. Use relative sizing so that your images and page balance is viewed the same on any device. If it doesn’t look good on the browser used for grading, it doesn’t matter how great it looks on some other browser.Required:Have four sub-directories, one called CSS, and at least five total HTML pages.Have at least one validated external style sheet within the CSS sub-directoryAll pages must link to an external style sheet and styling must display properly on every pageIf you have more than one external style sheet, the look and feel of the site must still be uniformInclude styling for one or more classesInclude styling for one or more IDsInclude styling for at least three more elementsDo not use elements on any of your pagesInclude a background for your page (i.e., image or color)Include the use of the float property (e.g., columns)Have a form with radio buttons, a multiple select box and input validation.Have a navigation bar on all pages that allows drop down selection of other pages.The content of the website can be anything. but it needs to meet the requirements.

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