Week 7 – Case Study Discussion (Sony)

This week you will be analyzing the case presented in your text:Week 7 – Sony’s Response to North Korea’s Cyberattack Case AnalysisThe case summarizes the 2014 hack on Sony Pictures Entertainment by cyberattackers located in North Korea. Prior to the attack the North Korean government had threatened retaliation to Sony’s motion picture, The Interview, which was seen as an unflattering portrayal of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. Using this forum, you will collaborate with your classmates to research and discuss other acts of cyberterrorism, victim responses, and subsequent government responses.Your contribution may include:A summary of another hack on either a private company or government agency.Additional information related to either the victim’s response to a cyberattack or any government response.A comparison or contrast of other hacks to Sony’s experience in 2014.It is equally important to identify any conflicting information you uncover in your search, so we may work through those challenges collectively.

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