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Case AnalysisPartnership Cultivation: In this section, you will shift your focus from the organizational level of the case study and instead focus on the team that has been put together to address the need. Specifically, you should address the following:A. Structure: Describe the membership and structure of the external partnerships that have been put together to address the identified need. In other words, who are the key players or stakeholders involved?B. Conflicts: What kind of conflicts and communication issues have developed in building external relationships into teams? For instance, are there any problems with leadership or group dynamics?C. Impact of Conflicts: How will these conflicts and communication issues impact the organization’s ability to address the identified need if they are not addressed? In other words, what challenges does the organization face based on these conflicts and communication issues?Recommendations: Now that you have completed your analysis, you will make some recommendations related to management and communication. Your analysis of the organization and the team should inform these recommendations. Specifically, you should address the following:A. Management Style: Select a management style that you feel would be appropriate for the team leader to use to resolve conflicts and improve communication, supporting your response with specific examples that demonstrate why the management style is appropriate. In other words, how should the team leader manage and lead the team?B. Program Management: What program management strategies could the team leader use in making decisions about the program? Why? For instance, how can the team leader encourage stakeholder buy-in and engagement?C. Program Goals: How will the application of these strategies ensure that program goals and objectives are being met? Support your response with specific examples.D. Communication Strategies: Recommended communication strategies that the team and program staff can use to meet the potentially diverse cultural and language needs of the population of focus.Submission – 2 pages, APA format

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