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learning activity part 1

You have been reading, watching, and talking a lot about teaching and learning. Now is your opportunity to apply some of what you have been doing in class by creating a learning experience for others! I can’t wait to see what you come up with :)This assignmentInstruction Plan Worksheet (IPW) for a specific age/grade group covering a specific topic/learning outcome from (choose one) chapter 3, 4, or 5Reflective Paper written in formal APA style describing your process for creating the IPW.Demonstration: You have creative choice for how you wish to complete part 2. You are to create a short demonstration of you teaching an activity for this unit.1. Instruction Plan Worksheet:  At the end of chapters 3, 4, & 5 you will find an Instruction Plan Worksheet. The purpose of this form is to aid the novice teacher in planning for, organizing, and assessing learning outcomes. You will be completing a shortened version of an IPW for this Learning Activity. To help you get started, a copy of this form is attached (LessonPlan_Page), as well as, and example of the IPW filled out. You are to complete this plan for 1 learning outcome, with an associated activity and an assessment.You may wish to review chapter 2 for specific information on what you need to consider and how to fill out the IPW.2. Reflective Paper: This is the “meta-cognitive” portion of your learning activity. In this paper, I want you to talk about your creative process for coming up with the activities, objectives and assessments for your IPW. In this paper you will also talk about how you used resources from the class, your text, your interview — anything you have done to date. You may also talk about what you found through your own research and how you used this information to build your IPW. Here are some areas to include in your paper:Describe your creative thought process for completing the IPW. How do you visualize what was going to happen in the classroom? What will you be doing as a teacher? Why did you choose the materials, activities, and assessments you chose?etc.What questions did you need to ask in order to complete the IPW?What do you need to do to prepare for this lesson?What information did you need to gather? How did you use the information and resources you found?Talk about the assessment you chose — how will this assessment tell you if your students actually achieved the learning objective you set for them?What are some challenges you encountered creating this IPW? How did you meet these challenges ?3. Demonstration: Use your creativity for this section! You have the option to either create a demonstration of how you would teach your IPW or what a product/learning outcome, assessment, product etc would look like from your IPW. Here are some examples of what I mean:Create a short (1-2 minute) video of you teaching some portion of your IPWCreate a PowerPoint with pictures of you teaching or with you talking through the lesson.Do the activity in your IPW yourself and upload an image of what is produced — for example, if you had children build a food pyramid out of images of food cut out from adds in a newspaper, you would actually do this yourself, take a picture of your food clips pyramid and up load the image along with your IPW and your paper. Provide instructions for how to both do and teach the activity.You may also come up with something on your own that covers either you demonstrating what you would do, showing something you would create, or creating something you would have students do.Remember — this last section is for you to try things out and experiment — This section is deliberately  designed to be very open — I want you to play and experiment with what you might actually do in a classroom someday!

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