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Career activity 2

Please note that this assignment is due on a Monday.Now that you have learned about Global Health it’s time to explore possible career paths for this field of Public Health. Using the resources in Module 5 and your own investigative skills, find a career that most interests you in the Global Health sector. Once you select your chosen career to research, follow the outline below to develop a comprehensive research paper on that career. Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length, double-spaced, 12 point font, and in APA format. You must include at least 3 external resources in your paper. Your paper will be uploaded to Turnitin and graded based on content and originality. Papers with a similarity index of greater than 25% will receive an automatic grade deduction of 20 points and anything over 32% will receive a ‘0’. In other words, if your paper ‘borrows’ a third or more of content from other resources, your paper is two-thirds original and one-third unoriginal.It is important to understand that many journals will not accept a similarity index above 10% and many universities consider plagiarism to be at a 25% similarity index.The introduction:1. An introduction to the field of Global Health.2. A good definition of the career that most interests you.3. The thesis statement which clearly explains the focus of the paper.The body paragraphs:1. The most important features of the career.2. The nature of the job and a list of responsibilities.3. The minimum qualification required for the purpose.4. The challenges involved in pursuing a career.5. A discussion of how easy or how difficult it is to find placement in the sector.6. The number of hours you will need to dedicate and the remuneration you can expect.7. The possibilities for growth in the career sector.8. An explanation of why that particular career looks more appealing to you than the rest.9. Your skills which complement the career responsibilities.10. Your shortcomings which might come in the way of your career and how you plan to tackle those situations.The conclusion:1. A summary of the most relevant points.2. Reinstatement of the thesis stated in the introduction.3. A concluding statement that effectively winds up the discussion.

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