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Race and Ethnic Relations

Write a one page essay on the Freedom Riders.  Please use link below and include some of these important details. Academic writing and no plagiarism.Freedom Riders·  Organized by Congress Of Racial Equality (Core)·  Goals were to test a Supreme court decision in 1960 Boynton v. Virginia·  Traveled through Jim Crow south and attempted to use whites only facilities·  1st incident – Rock Hill, SCo  May 12 – John Lewis and Albert Bigelow and another was viciously attackedBirmingham –Bus was met with angry mob, burned, beaten, no police protection·  May 20 – rides resumed after negotiation after RFK negotiated with Gov Patterson for protection.·  Riots ensue, arrests, sentenced to 30 days in jail.·  Appeal to Supreme Court where convictions were reversed.·  Fall 1961, Interstate Commerce Commission prohibited segregation in transportation & terminals·  Freedom Riders Museum·  210 Court St.·  334-414-8607·http://ahc.alabama.gov/properties/freedomrides/freedomrides.aspx·  Reopened at reduced capacity

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