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Research: Simulation Fidelity Paper

By now, you should have begun your investigation of the simulation for the field study and evaluation. Use this research assignment to start flushing out the various fidelities of your chosen simulation. In this activity, you will produce an original short research paper discussing the basic levels and types of fidelity of your research simulation { Note; I chose Microsoft flight Simulator} The information in this research paper can be incorporated into your draft Field Study and Evaluation. Be specific; research the levels and types of fidelity in your simulation and evaluate the fidelity, whether positive or detrimental.The paper should be at least 500 words (excluding title page and references) and adhere to APA format. Examine the Research Activities Rubric to identify the qualities of an effective research paper. Your paper should have at least four references with 50% from scholarly works (e.g., peer-reviewed journals), and include a title page, body, and reference section.

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