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Your disease risk

Your Disease Risk ™Welcome to Your Disease Risk, the source on prevention. Find out your risk of 12 cancers and 6 other important chronic diseases – and get personalized tips for preventing them.Developed by world-renowned experts, Your Disease Risk collects the latest scientific evidence on disease risk factors into one easy-to-use tool.To get started, take this quiz www.yourdiseaserisk.wustl.edu and assess your disease risk! Click the ‘Start Here’ option, and proceed. Once you get your results of risk, if there is anything Above Average, please continue the quiz by selecting that type of disease, for a deeper investigation. If there is nothing ‘Above Average,’ select an ‘Average’ risk.What surprised you? Is there a behavior you are not practicing that would lessen your risk? What could you do to improve your prevention of diseases? Now, research the disease type and how women are affected. Using AT LEAST 2 outside resources, give an in-depth overview of women’s preventive measures for the disease you’re investigating.Your assignment should follow the assignment guidelines in the syllabus and be 2- 3 pages in length, double-spaced, in APA 7th edition format, not including the references page

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