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Discussion Gulf Oil Spill PHL

For this module discussion activity, provide your response to the following:The gulf oil spill is considered one of the worst industrial disasters in recent history. To this day, it is the worst oil spill in history. Now that you have done your research on this disaster, pick one of the issues that you identified in your PHL and explain how it could have led to the disaster.Reference NotesTASK 201 PRELIMINARY HAZARD LIST201.1 Purpose. Task 201 is to compile a list of potential hazards early in development.201.2 Task description. The contractor shall:201.2.1 Examine the system shortly after the materiel solution analysis begins and compile a Preliminary Hazard List (PHL) identifying potential hazards inherent in the concept.201.2.2 Review historical documentation on similar and legacy systems, including but not limited to:a. Mishap and incident reports.b. Hazard tracking systems.c. Lessons learned.d. Safety analyses and assessments.e. Health hazard information.f. Test documentation.g. Environmental issues at potential locations for system testing, training, fielding/basing, and maintenance (organizational and depot).h. Documentation associated with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Executive Order (EO) 12114, Environmental Effects Abroad of Major Federal Actions.i. Demilitarization and disposal plans.201.2.3 The contractor shall document identified hazards in the Hazard Tracking System (HTS). Contents and formats will be as agreed upon between the contractor and the Program Office. Unless otherwise specified in 201.3.d, minimum content shall included:a. A brief description of the hazard.b. The causal factor(s) for each identified hazard.201.3 Details to be specified. The Request for Proposal (RFP) and Statement of Work (SOW) shall include the following, as applicable:a. Imposition of Task 201. (R)44 MIL-STD-882Eb. Identification of functional discipline(s) to be addressed by this task. (R)c. Guidance on obtaining access to Government documentation.d. Content and format requirements for the PHL.e. Concept of operations.f. Other specific hazard management requirements, e.g., specific risk definitions and matrix to be used on this program.g. References and sources of hazard identification.

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