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Topic Proposal

The project in this course is the development of a Best Practices in Public Health Implementation Plan that aligns with the Healthy People 2020 objectives. The course project is a prerequisite activity in preparation for your practicum. The assignments in this course are designed to help you be well prepared.This assignment is designed to follow the general work flow used to create and Implement a best practices plan.A topic proposal for the course project consists of a brief description of the health crisis you selected and an explanation of the context and relevance for using this crisis for a project. In the real world, the project could be part of an organizational change initiative; in this case, it is a project designed to possibly be implemented at your field practicum.Review your responses to the first Unit 1 Discussion and move forward from the points you made in that discussion post.Integrate what you learned from those activities into a real-world context in the preparation of your topic proposal.Step One: Identify Your AudienceTake the time to identify the expectations of stakeholders in the community-based organization (CBO) you will need to connect with when you do your practicum. You will be presenting this topic proposal to leadership in that CBO; keep their needs and concerns in mind as you develop your plan. You are expected to tailor your proposal to the expectations of that audience.Decision makers in organizations count on brief, clear, and substantive information from someone seeking their approval to move forward with an implementation plan. In that regard a topic proposal should be succinct and approximately one page.For the purposes of this assignment, use the following scenario:Assume your organization has aligned its goals and objectives with at least one of the following organizations:Healthy People 2020.Centers for Disease Control (CDC).World Health Organization (WHO).Your supervisor has encouraged you to select a topic of personal interest from Healthy People 2020 objectives, CDC, or WHO, and to develop an implementation best practices plan that will help your organization address a specific health crisis. Before you begin writing, think about the relevance of your proposal and consider the following:What are your reasons for choosing this topic?Why is the issue important to you?How would improving practices make a difference to the population being served?What has prevented your organization from addressing this issue before?Why is now a good time to make a change?Are you expanding or improving an already existing program?Step Two: Consult the LiteratureWhat are some of the characteristics of this public health issue (prevalence, incidence, community affected, and so on)?What is the financial impact of this health crisis: on individuals, the community, the organization?Step Three: Create a One-Page Topic ProposalAddressing your intended audience, briefly describe the health crisis you have selected and explain the context and relevance for addressing this crisis in the community-based organization. Remember to ask for an action from your audience in response to your proposal.Additional RequirementsFormat your document based on the structure that your organization typically uses for documents of this type. Demonstrate professional formatting standards used in your industry: document structure, font, type size, et cetera.Provide at least 3 references to support your proposal. Cite your references using APA style.When finished with your proposal, submit the Word document in the assignment area.ResourcesTopic Proposal Scoring Guide.Healthy People 2020 Objectives.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).World Health Organization (WHO).APA Style and Format.APA Paper Template.APA Paper Tutorial.

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