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ABS 497 -1

In this discussion, you will consider various jobs of interest to students in the applied behavioral sciences.  In addition, you will meet and learn more about the other members of your class and their interests, abilities, and goals by practicing skills that will be useful to you as you pursue future academic and career goals.Visit websites that describe available jobs, and identify a job in the field of applied behavioral sciences that you may want to pursue (e.g., https://www.usajobs.gov/ (Links to an external site.), http://www.bls.gov/ooh/ (Links to an external site.), https://www.onetonline.org/ (Links to an external site.), http://www.occupationalinfo.org/ (Links to an external site.), and/or http://www.careeronestop.org/ (Links to an external site.)).  Familiarize yourself with the various responsibilities you are likely to have if you perform the selected job.  Then imagine you have completed all required training and are now interviewing for a coveted position.For your introductory post, consider the following points:Provide as a heading for your mock interview presentation the title (i.e., label) of the position for which you are applying, followed by a brief description (similar to a job advertisement/announcement).The formal portion of the interview consists of a meeting with the search committee.  As you look around the table, you see various faces of people with whom you are likely to work.  Each will have the opportunity to ask you questions. This is the role your classmates will take.  Prior to the questioning, however, the designated speaker invites you to provide relevant information about yourself.  Prepare an introduction that illustrates your suitability for this job.  Consider the following points in your presentation:Identify your area of expertise and explain why this position is especially appealing to you.Describe your professional development based on relevant academic and/or work experiences, and indicate future aspirations.Include any additional information you believe would make you an asset in this position and for this organization.

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