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Seminar strategy Research paper

I would like to have a research paper with 25 pages . We are a consultant named PREETHA CONSULTANTS and our project is to focus on expansion of Sunshine Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic. I want the paper to be written with 4 main strategic goals asStrategic goal 1:Promoting our business using different strategies in marketing and also keeping a track on what strategies are actually working and what are causing time and money losses as it is very important step for the business development in coming years. This goal should sound like we will implicate 6month marketing strategy that involves various steps like:Step 1 – Marketing on various social media platforms, advertisements, radio, newspapers and mails.Step 2 – Doctor referral marketing, making client satisfaction vocal and making those referrals and reviews available on clinic websiteStep 3 – To attend health fairs and to conduct workshops inorder to increase relationships with public and also to get recognition in the societyStrategic Goal 2:To develop amd maintain collaborative partnerships which contribute to our missionSunshine physiotherapy clinic and sports club can collaborate with care societies such as Elim christian care society and stive living society to extend their services to children, adults and seniors. They can do partnership with non profit organisation- Development disabilities association to provide care to people with disabilities. As right now they are not providing message therapy so partnership with chiropractor (Peakform wellness) can be done.Strategic Goal 3:Business ExpansionOpening of new location for Sunshine physiotherapy clinic in Vancouver, B.C. Vancouver is most populous city in the province and is one of the best places to live, work, and invest in the world. Moreover, Sunshine physiotherapy already had two branches in Surrey and Delta, British Columbia, and they are economical stable, so it is good strategy to expand business in Vancouver. For this, we consider three options:-• Constructing a building for sunshine physiotherapy clinic.• Another option, buying an existing building in Vancouver, B.C.• The last and most appropriate option for Sunshine physiotherapy clinic is to rent a commercial space.Strategic goal 4:Innovation of technology increases clinic efficiencies and reach out more patients. Advancement of technology in treatment boils down to a better patient experience. Our goal is to provide treatment with latest equipment/ technology at the present location as well as the newly establishing clinic.The aspects that we are to consider are implementation of systems like client Softwares, training of staff and checking out different vendors.

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