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PSY6106 week 1

InstructionsThis week, you will complete a two-part assignment in which you will identify a topic of interest for your Capstone Project and begin a literature review. The topic will be related to a problem that psychology grapples with to better the condition of individuals and society. In later assignments, you will develop this topic into a literature review that discusses the theory and background of the problem, as well as a presentation that explores solutions to the problem.This week you will identify such a problem by taking the following steps:Browse the APA topics sites listed in the resource section.Choose a suggested topic and a related subtopic such as:Emotional health and developing resiliencyStress and ways to cope with itBullying and how to stop it in the schools or workplaceThe environment and how to improve the interactions of people with the world to deal with environmental issues.(Note: You may choose a different topic and subtopic pending faculty approval.)First, you are required to meet synchronously with your professor to be sure that your topic is viable. (If you are unable to schedule a call with your professor, send an email in which you explain your topic and receive their email approval of the topic.)  After this meeting, you can complete Part 1 of your assignment.Part 1 involves the submission of a paper that includes:The identification of the topic and subtopic of your choiceThe relevance of the topic to the field of psychology and workplaceA reflection discussing the issue and why it is of importance to youPart 2 involves a literature search which includes:3 to 5-peer-reviewed research articles published in the past 5-7 years, on your topicA reference list of three scholarly articles that directly relate to this topicLength: Part 1, 2-page paper; Part 2, 1-page list. Total length of submission 2-3 pages.References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.

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