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public policies

Choose one of the following public policies from the list below to create a 6 paragraph paper. (i.e. Introductory paragraph and 1 paragraph per number which adequately addresses the prompt, then a conclusion paragraph). Public Policies:Voter Rights ActHelp America Vote ActWhite primaryVoter ID lawsEarly VotingRegistrationAbsentee voting/mail-in votingCurbside votingTwenty-Sixth AmendmentSecond: Address each of the 6 prompts found below. Use a full and complete paragraph to address each prompt:1. Introductory paragraphSet up what the paper is aboutMake sure to discuss voter turnout.Offer some statistical analysis on voter turnout to demonstrate this is a relevant topic2. Describe the policy chosen above. Give background such as when and why was it created (historical context)?3. How might this policy negatively affect voter turnout currently and/or in the past? If you can not find any negatives to your chosen policy then compare and discuss to another policy that has negatives4. How might this policy positively affect voter turnout currently and/or in the past?5. Did this policy have an impact on the record turnout for the 2020 election? If not, what do you attribute the spike in voter turnout to? Do you think this particular policy hurt or help voter turnout?6. Conclusion ParagraphSummarize what was stated in the previous paragraphsWhich side of the argument do you ultimately fall on?

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