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Number of pages Requirement: One title page, Minimum of 2-page content, One reference page.References Requirement: Minimum of 3Assignment Instructions:Johnson & Johnson has been able to establish strong brand equity for its line of baby products. What benefits does J&J have because of its brand equity for these products?You have been asked by Coca-Cola’s product manager to present the arguments for and against extending the Coke brand to a new cola drink. What would be the arguments for and against extending the Coke brand to a new cola drink?SanDisk is introducing a new MP3 player and you are responsible for creating the package design. What key information and other creative elements would you include on the package?Consider the five dimensions of service quality: tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy. a. Identify a recent service encounter you have experienced as a customer (either B2C or B2B) that you would classify as a generally bad or good experience. In what ways specifically did each of the five service quality dimensions contribute to your perceptions of poor or good service? Be as specific with your examples as you can. What could the service provider have done to improve each of the relevant dimensions and thus improve your experience?

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