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Write your reflections from the classmate post by selecting an idea from the reading, describing your thoughts and feelings about it and why you agree. (MINIMUM OF 1 PAGE)CLASSMATE’S POSTChapter 9In this week’s chapter review we are concentrating on instructional interventions which are accommodation or modification that are geared towards a small group of students. Accommodation is changed that are made in how a teacher teaches for those who are having some difficulties learning. Modifications are the changes is what the teacher teaches by breaking it down in levels. Deciding which form of interventions be it universal or selected but what is important is the needs of students and what works best for them.  Examples of selected interventions are:· Missing prerequisite content knowledge· Missing academic skills in reading· Missing academic skills in writing· Missing academic skills in math· Difficulty staying focused· Difficulty following directionsThis chapter focused a great deal if not mostly on selected interventions and how long a particular subject (material) should be taught and what skills level are the student currently at. The ultimate goal is meeting the needs of the students in all classrooms. The methods and strategies that are used for small groups to help them get up to the level as the other student so that they do not fall too far behind them is key. The content is very important, and teacher are to make sure that all martials are covered and everyone opportunity is there for the students to learn in their own way. All student learns differently, and it is up to the teacher to see what works for all students.Chapter 10In this next chapter with began dealing with something that could make or break the complete concentration of the whole classroom…. behavior. When teachers connect with their students, they build a rapport with that and are able to then determine what they are cable of doing. As with anything and everything no one person is alike another and that diversity keep things interesting. Teachers must create an environment all students with the framework of what to teacher, how to teach and the context for teaching and learning. The environment created is not only physical but also social and emotional has to planned for the benefit of student interaction with other people. Once rules established and the respect is in place students begin to comply (hopefully) and this will create fewer issues from developing. Routines allow the students to become more prepared when habits created, and they already know what is expected and the consequences for not following the rules. Connecting with students and gaining compliance in broken down into groups (tiers) and they encourage:· Give directives effectively· Follow when directive have been given· Make tasks less complicated (easier)· Allow other to help when neededWhen behavior becomes an issue have plans in place to swift actions with less disruptions for the whole class.ReferenceNelson, Karma., Price, Kay M. “Planning Effective Instructions: Diversity Responsive Methods & Management”. 6th Ed. 2019.

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