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disaster recovery plan (DRP).

1background of your chosen organization for disaster recovery plan (DRP). Include outline of your DRP. atleast 20 points?2you will create a disaster recovery plan (DRP) for an organization that you choose. Because extensive research is required, please make sure to select a real organization. You will be assigned to a team on Day 1 of the residency.The DRP must contain the following:(a) Include name and background of the organization(b) Identification of employees and where they are located – include facilities(c) Inventory of hardware and software(d) Determination of allowable downtime(e) Description of roles and responsibilities(f) Creation of a communications management plan(g) Discussion of action to take when an emergency occurs (i.e., cold site, warm site, and hot site (SLAs) and contracts(h) Discussion regarding how sensitive information will be handled(i) Discussion pertaining to how the plan will be tested(j) Cover how you will get top management involvement in the creation and testing of the plan(k) Include business continuity plan3I need ppt on the above topic it should be minimum of 10 to 11 slides and i need 5 references

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