Module 4 Case 510-Governance

GOVERNANCERequired ReadingArnwine D. L. (2002). Effective governance: The roles and responsibilities of board members. Proceedings (Baylor University. Medical Center), 15(1), 19–22. doi:10.1080/08998280.2002.11927809. Available in the Trident Online Library.Banff Executive Leadership, Inc. (2005). Models of corporate/Board governance. Retrieved from, N. (2012). Healthcare board governance. Journal of Health Organization and Management, 26(1), 6-14. doi: 2048/10.1108/14777261211211133. Available in the Trident Online Library.Institute for Healthcare Improvement. (2019). Governance leadership of safety and improvement. Retrieved from, D. (2017). Governance in healthcare: Leadership for successful improvement. Health Catalyst. Retrieved from, S. P., Peisert, K. C., & Murphy, C. J. (2015). Board organization and structure. The Governance Institute. Retrieved from….pdfWalshe, K. & Smith, J. (2011). Chapter 9 Leadership and Governance. In Healthcare management (2nd). McGraw-Hill Education: New York, New York. Available in the Trident Online Library.Optional ReadingBader, B. S. (2008). Distinguishing Governance from Management. Retrieved from S. B. (2019). Governance in Healthcare – Linkages, Boundaries and the Problems between Corporate and Clinical Governance. Retrieved from OverviewAccording to the World Health Organization (n.d.), “governance in the health sector refers to a wide range of steering and rule-making related functions carried out by governments/decisions makers as they seek to achieve national health policy objectives that are conducive to universal health coverage.” There are a number of governance models that are in use today and they continually are being evolved to meet the needs of the current healthcare environment.World Health Organization. (n.d.). Governance. Retrieved from AssignmentIn a 3- to 4-page paper complete the following:Identify the importance of governance structures in healthcare.Discuss the differences in the structure of governance boards between nonprofit and for-profit organizations.Identify and explain at least three (3) governance models in practice today.In your scholarly paper, you should include an introduction and conclusion paragraph.Assignment ExpectationsConduct additional research to gather sufficient information to support your responses in your paper.Limit your total paper to a maximum of 4 pages, not including your title or reference pages.Support your proposal with peer-reviewed articles, with at least 3 references. Use the following link for additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals: may use the following source to assist in formatting your assignment: University Library (n.d.) Evaluating internet resources. Retrieved from

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