video assignment (need in 4 hours)

Refer to the link and listen to a podcast with Dr. Stu Philips and answer the questions below that pertain to the podcast. Put the answers underneath the questions. Provide detailed answers and explanations. All answers should be in sentence and paragraph form. No bullet points.   What is the background of Dr. Stu Philips (be detailed)?2.   What is the background of protein and its importance that is discussed throughout the podcast?3.   What is the issue with the RDA recommendation for protein based on Dr. Stu Philips?4.   What is the difference being animal and plant protein sources?5.   What are the components of a quality protein?6.   What is the background of insect protein that is described by Dr. Stu Philips? What are the issues with it? What is the future of insect protein?7.   What reason does Dr. Stu Philips provide on why he is against drinking your energy?8.   What is necessary to gain muscle? What are the talking points Dr. Stu Philips provide?9.   Do men and women have a similar relative gain in muscle? Absolute gain? What is the major difference between men and women?10. Growth hormone promote muscle growth? What does growth hormone actually increase?11. What are your overall thoughts about the podcast? What portion really interested you and why?

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