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Assignment: Using Graphic Elements in Composition

To prepare for this Assignment:Review Chapter 4 in the course text, The Photographer’s Eye.Choose a subject of interest on which to base the composition of your photograph.Choose three graphic elements from the chapter reading this week to apply in the composition of your photograph.Compose and take a photograph that uses your chosen graphic elements to create a story or highlight a theme.By Day 4The Assignment:Create a 2-slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:Slide 1:In one photograph, apply three graphic elements to create a story or highlight a theme for your composition.Include a brief description of your photograph (title and subject).Slide 2:Write a 3- to 4-paragraph description of the graphic elements of your photograph and the story or theme you are expressing. Include answers to the following:Analyze how effective you were at achieving your photographic goal.What might you do differently next time?Be sure to cite at least one example from the course readings to support your writing.

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