Dynamics of Health and Fitness: Essay Test

Please include your Name, Dynamic’s Essay Test #1 and the Question Number with your answer responses. Yes, you can use the course resources, that is, your textbook(AN INVITATION TO HEALTH by Dianne Hales, 19th Edition, Cengage) and links. The following questions correspond to the first four chapters in your text respectively. You have ample time so please be very deliberate and concise when responding to this first test.QUESTION #1: List the DIMENSIONS OF HEALTH and DESCRIBE HOW they relate to TOTAL WELLNESS. Then explain what that means to your personal HEALTH STYLE. HOW would YOU have defined health before reading chapter 1?Question #2: List THE THREE TYPES of INFLUENCES that can HELP us make HEALTHY BEHAVIOR CHANGE as sited in the textbook. They are FACTORS that shape positive behavior. HOW DO OUR BELIEFS HELP to reduce risk for a large number of HEALTH THREATS. What are you personally doing to REDUCE YOUR RISK?QUESTION #3: According to the text in chapter 3: Psychological Health encompasses both our emotional and mental states, that is, our feelings and our thoughts.Please identify the CHARACTERISTICS of EMOTIONAL HEALTH and the CHARACTERISTICS OF MENTAL HEALTH. Please describe some strategies for change that promote positive attitudes or actions for you.QUESTION #4: Explain some STRATEGIES for RELAXATION. How would you use these coping resources to deal constructively with STRESSORS.Then give some personal examples.NOTE: Use the text as the authority in your answers; however, be certain to respond personally when asked to do that. Each question is 25% of the total test score. Suggestion: that you preview chapters: 1, 2, & 3 (AN INVITATION TO HEALTH by Dianne Hales, 19th Edition, Cengage) before attempting to answer the questions.Hope all do well.

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