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Global Epidemiology Policy and Planning

Topic: Early detection and Prevention of Brucellosis Disease Program among Public/Animal Health Workers in Afghanistan.Please see attached SWOT Analysis and feedback from the instructor on SWOT analysis assignment, I didn’t do good on that, so please consider the instructor review/feedback to expand on this assignment;Write a short Policy Brief, consisting of 3-5 paragraphs (2 pages MAX, 12 point Single Spaced).*The Policy Brief will also form the basis for the Elevator Pitch, the next assignment*This Policy Brief will be informed by your first assignment, the SWOT analysis. In your SWOT analysis, you analyzed a specific program or policy in a defined geography. Building off your SWOT analysis, you will present your chosen program or policy to the audience of a senior government policymaker looking to invest resources to improve population health outcomes.The Brief needs to be written in clear, concise language as if targeting a senior government policymaker looking to invest resources to improve population health outcomes. It should describe and quantify a health challenge in a specific geography (country or region) – for example – the TB burden in the Republic of Georgia. The brief will then identify a program intervention to tackle the problem, clearly defining which monitoring outcomes will be affected by the program (eg. reduced incidence of new cases OR improved quality of life of active cases). Finally, the brief will describe a timeline and high level resources (personnel, finances and  technologies) needed to launch changes to the program. Overall, the brief should be structured in a way that the Executive could, having read through the proposal, discuss the program and its justification and at a high-level, the resource commitment and timeline associated with its roll-out.

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