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securing election machines

Topic Selection: The research paper assignment is divided into 3 sections. This week you will complete the groundwork of gathering required information and ideas to move forward with a draft for submission. The goal is to complete Chapter 1 sections:- Introduction- Topic Overview/Background- Problem Statement- Purpose Statement- Hypotheses/Propositions- Theoretical Perspectives/Conceptual FrameworkDiscussion: What is the purpose and intent for Chapter 1 of a dissertation?Project: Complete the remaining sections of Chapter 1:- Assumptions/Biases- Significance of the Study- Delimitations- Limitations- Definitions of Terms- General Overview of the Research design- Summary of Chapter One- Organization of Dissertation (Proposal)Complete Chapter 3 of the Dissertation Template: At least one paragraph per section.Research TraditionResearch Questions (You should already have them) – Define itHypotheses (Should have this) – Elaborate moreResearch Design (Should have this) – Elaborate morePopulation and SampleSampling ProcedureInstrumentationValidityReliabilityData CollectionData AnalysisEthical ConsiderationSummary of Chapter Three

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