Principles of macroeconomics

Wealth and individual prosperity among different countries of the world varies widely, from rich to poor and in-between. Beyond differences in natural resources and geography, how can variations in economic systems have an impact? Provide one or more examples of specific countries to illustrate.Your answer is due by Saturday and a thoughtful, thorough response to at least one classmate must be provided by Tuesday.ALSO PLEASE REPLY TO ANOTHER STUDENTS COMMENT BELOWJOSEPH:Well for me the explanation in the unit guide of the “invisible hand,” is a great way for me to start this discussion.  With in the realms of this hands country’s like Africa are able to trade resource with neighboring countries and most recently china to b ring about to world wind changes to their personal economics.  With Africa being rich in so many resources but lacking in technology, china is able to combine efforts with Africa’s resource to bring about a unilateral partnership in many areas of commerce that is effecting Africa’s economy for the better.  Interestingly enough this is a very simple form of economics at work.

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