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Treatment and Addiction

1) Why is it important to integrate coordinated treatments for   comorbid/co-occurring disorders? Provide at least two examples of the   potential financial challenges associated with managing the   implementation of treatment. (need in 30mins; 150 word min must have reference)2)Write a 750-1,000-word assignment that gives a general overview of   commonly used substance use disorder treatment approaches. In   addition, you are to select two common approaches and compare their   similarities and differences.Include the following in your assignment:A brief description of two common empirically researched     substance use disorder treatments. Choose from either Cognitive     Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, or Solution-focused     Brief Therapy.A discussion about the differences of     each treatment listed.A discussion about which method you     would prefer to use and why.A list of professionals who     may be involved in treatment, their role, and how you would     coordinate treatment with them.A minimum of two scholarly   sources.Consider using the following level-one APA headings in your paper to   help organize the content:Overview of Treatment Approaches to Addictions CounselingTreatment DifferencesPreferred Method and   RationaleTreatment Professionals(need Tuesday APA format always for assignments)3) What are the differences between psychoeducation and   psychotherapeutic clinical group therapies often used in treatment of   substance use disorders?  How would the prescreening process look   different for each? If you determined a client needed a referral   for alternative treatment, how would you describe the referral process   and complementary treatment alternatives? (need Tuesday 150 min must have reference)

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