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Drsmith Annotated Bibliography

Part One:Write an annotated bibliography for each of the sources you plan to use for the Final Project due in Unit 9. Please refer to the Unit 9 Final Project guidelines before choosing your sources.Requirements The bibliography should be at least 500 words in length. There should be a minimum of three peer-reviewed references in APA format, and these should be sources you plan on using for the Final Project.Part Two:InstructionsSelect a current public health issue from the following website:HealthyPeople.gov. Retrieved from http://www.healthypeople.gov/Conduct a search for programs at the local, state or federal level that are addressing your chosen issue and write a minimum 1200 word paper that: Provides an overview of the program. Classifies which of the three core functions and ten essential services this program addresses. Describes the health education components of the program. Identifies the social marketing elements of the program. Summarizes information provided to the media regarding the program. Addresses how the program deals with cultural competency or health disparities, including cultural and ethical values that impact behaviors as they relate to the public health issue. Explains the collaboration between stakeholders for program success. Describes health policy recommendations that the program is aiming to develop or could use to advance the program. Evaluates the effectiveness of the program through statistics or successes. Identifies challenges within the program, including but not limited to reaching the target audience and funding. Suggests next steps for the program, such as spin off programs based on the successes, or expansion to other areas of the community, state or nationally.Requirements The paper should be at least 1200 words in length in APA format. Include the list of references from the annotated bibliography written during Unit 8, plus any additional supporting sources in APA format.

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