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This has 2 separate assignments. MLA format and please cite referencesAssignment 1Review the information in the link to read it online. Perform online research into what a “healthcare consumer is”, and what it means to you. Write 3-5 paragraphs on the subject, and any related trends based on what you find in your online research. Remember to include the website link or citation for your research.Website13 WAYS TO IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE AT YOUR MEDICAL PRACTICE TODAY(http://blog.gravitydigital.com/13-ways-to-improve-customer-service-at-your-medical-practice-today)Assignment 2Read the Case Study Week 3 article found through the link below, and find one other similar case regarding HIPAA through an online research. In a word document, provide a 3-5 paragraph synopsis of the article you find online, and provide an explanation of how that HIPAA violation could have been avoided. Be sure to provide the direct link to the article for reference. You will submit in the assignment section. Do not email it, it must be posted in the assignments section.1.Case Reveals How Easily Patient Confidentiality Can Be Breached2.this link is the article to be used to complete assignment 2. please cite referenceshttps://www.nursingald.com/articles/14659-case-analysis-breaching-patient-confidentiality-and-privacy

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