Country Selection

For this assignment, choose a country for your course project. In 1 -2 paragraphs, explain what country you’ve selected and why.Project OverviewThis course project requires you to select a country and develop a paper about that country’s health delivery system. Your paper will include the following information:Demographic information and vital health statistics about the countryCurrent health status and brief history of the current healthcare systemCultural, religious, social, and political factors that affect the health systemChallenges of the current healthcare system and issues being facedFuture health projection based on resources needed to address the country’s healthcare issuesComparison of the selected country and the U.S. health system.Recommendations on how this country’s health system can be improvedYou are required to identify relevant issues that affect the country you’ve selected in such areas as cost, aging of the population, quality of care, access to care, and inequality in the way the healthcare is delivered (e.g., the rich vs. the poor). You should include information on how the country is addressing these issues and challenges. This paper will give you an opportunity to compare the U.S. health system with your selected country and discuss how the international community can come together in addressing healthcare issues using best practices from all over the world.Due DateYour final project is due in Module 10. There will be individual assignments along the way. The module they are due is noted in the time line below.Time LineModuleAssignment02IntroductionCountry Selection04Annotated Bibliography05Thesis and Outline07Rough Draft10Final PaperRequirementsYour final paper must 8 – 10 pages long. It should demonstrate a strong thesis statement supported by research from at least 5 different sources. Include both in text citations and a References page in APA format. The paper should also have a cover page.For APA guidelines, go to your college’s online library which you can access through the Resources tab.EvaluationEach assignment leading up to the final assignment is evaluated and graded independently. Your instructor will provide specific grading criteria for each step of the project prior to its due date.For Further Questions

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