Shortage of healthcare workers, nurses, physicians, or other professionals

Consider how the healthcare industry and the role of the health professional has changed over the past few years? Think about the way that patient information was recorded or the way that appointments were made 10 years ago versus now. Think about the tremendous impact that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has had on various aspects of healthcare. Think about factors like fewer healthcare workers, the aging population, and increased expectations surrounding patient care and how they have also drastically changed the landscape of healthcare. As we move forward, healthcare will continue to change, and healthcare professionals will need to adapt, if not always in the way that is expected.Forty years ago, many nurses thought there would be a large room with many computer screens where we can observe our patients, vital signs, labs, etc. at a remote location, and nurses would focus on the patients that required urgent resources. While remote doctors and placing a call for medical advice or care is available to many people around the world, most care still takes place face-to-face, in a doctor’s office, in a hospital, or through home care.In this Discussion, you are going to look further at a healthcare issue or trend that could affect your profession in the near future. While many feel that they cannot control the changes that occur around them, some professionals see these changes as opportunities to improve the lives of patients and healthcare professionals.To Prepare:Choose one of the following healthcare issues or trends:TelemedicineGenerational changes with regard to IT and cultural normsShortage of healthcare workers, nurses, physicians, or other professionalsDelivering healthcare in sanctuary cities or rural counties/statesEvolution of leadership skills among healthcare leadersServing LGBTQ populations for healthcare deliveryDeconstruction of issues surrounding healthcare access and healthcare delivery and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)Reflect on the healthcare trend you selected, and consider how this concept may impact the patient, healthcare provider, or the health insurance payer in the current healthcare landscape.Think about how you might address this healthcare trend as a healthcare leader.By Day 4Post a comprehensive response that addresses the following:Explain how the healthcare trend you selected Shortage of healthcare workers, nurses, physicians, or other professionals may affect future or current healthcare policies and economics in the United States and globally.Suggest at least one policy recommendation you might make to either support or address the healthcare trend you selected, and explain why.Explain how the healthcare trend you selected may impact the patient, healthcare provider, and health insurance payer. Be specific, and provide examples.Be sure to support your Discussion with a reference to course materials or a reference within the last 3 years.

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