Capstone – DUE IN 2 HOURS – 150 WORDS

DUE IN 2 HOURS- RESPOND TO 2 STUDENTS OF AT LEAST 75 WORDS EACHRespond to at least two of your colleagues’ postings in one or more of the following ways:Make a suggestion for improving a colleague’s elevator speech.Expand on how a colleague can use an elevator speech in networking.Offer suggestions for improving a professional profile.xhallynn xavier RE: Discussion – Week 3COLLAPSEDiscussion: Professional Networking and Your Elevator SpeechAn elevator speech is a clear and brief description of yourself. It is meant to “lay the groundwork for an interactive, mutually beneficial conversation with your new contact by building on common interests and goals” (Walden University Career Services, n.d).Post your unique 150-word elevator speech.My name is Xhallynn Xavier, for the past two years I have worked at Landstuhl regional medical center and have encountered just about every type of surgical procedure imaginable. I work well under pressure while maintaining efficiency, technique and sterility. I am a hard worker, team player, reliable, very flexible, possesses critical thinking skills and can anticipate the surgical teams’ needs quickly. I have realized that working with doctors and helping save lives is what I am best at and what I crave the most. I’m pursuing a degree in Health Studies with a concentration in Child Development which I will be graduating in August 3rd. This is my stepping stone to medical school as I want to become a pediatric neurosurgeon. I am Seeking an operating room technician position in a challenging environment with opportunity for growth and advancement, where my experience, training and abilities will be of value.Provide one example of how you can use your elevator speech in networking. Include an example location and person.Developing relationships and connections is upon thyself. A good example of how I can use my elevator speech would be here at 528 Hospital Center. While having casual training meetings with my commander, I can explain to him a summary of my qualifications and my interest in becoming a surgical technologist in the civilian sector. My commander has connections in the different hospitals, and he is transitioning to the civilian sector. This will assist me in broadening my connections through my commander. I would then add the people to my LinkedIn profile.Explain a time when networking benefitting you or someone you know in the past.Networking benefits everyone in different ways. According to the reading resources, the easiest way to expand your network is by building on the relationships with people you know (American Association of Medical Dosimetrists, n.d). Back in 2016, my aunt was talking to her boss about work and mentioned that she had a sister who was very dedicated and highly experienced. She expressed her sisters desire to work at the Methodist Mansfield Hospital as a nurse practitioner and her level of education. The boss was interested and curious to meet my aunt’s sister. A week after they had discussed, my other aunt got an interview letter for the position she had been wanting at that hospital.Include the link to your LinkedIn profile where you posted your elevator speech and profile. Association of Medical Dosimetrists. (n.d). Why networking is important. RetrievedNovember 8, 2018, from University Career Services. (n.d.). Branding: What is an elevator speech? RetrievedNovember 8, 2018, from Rice RE: Discussion – Week 3COLLAPSESpark Response5 words that best describe me are…kindefficientsmartthoughtfulfunnyDiscussion ResponseElevator SpeechI just finished my bachelor’s degree in health care management while working as a medical office specialist. I am hoping to find a position as a lead office specialist, practice manager, case manager, or clinical supervisor while completing a PA program. I have plenty of experience running a medical office and training/assisting other staff, but I want to have the official title and responsibility now. I am very passionate about helping doctor’s offices to run more efficiently and provide awesome patient care. I believe that when proper management is in place and staff are treated well, they will provide better service, are more motivated to work, and will have more longevity in the facility.I can use my elevator speech in networking easily at my current employer. I often come into contact with management and high ranking hospital officials at work and it would be beneficial for me to have a short speech or introduction I could give. An elevator speech could implant the idea in someone’s head that I could be right for a potential job. That’s the opening I need. Networking has already benefited me in the past. When I first started at the hospital I currently work at, I worked for 1 doctor part time. I made friends with some other MA’s who recommended me to cover for them when they were out. By working for several other doctors on call, I became highly requested and it presented me with many opportunities when the doctor I was working for left the hospital. I hope to use those same types of tactics to move up within the organization.ReferencesWalden University Career Services. (n.d.). Branding: What is an elevator speech? Retrieved November 8, 2018, from

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