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reflection st wk 1

write 1-2 paragraphs reflecting on your learning for the week. write about what you felt was most significant to you.What were the most important concepts you learned?The differences between a clinical nurse leader and the traditional advanced practice nursing roles. That at one point the clinical nurse leader was not considered an advanced nurse even though it does require more skills and knowledge than having a baccalaurate degree. another importance concept i’ve learned is that only 3.2 percent of the population practice in psych/mental health. Another concept talked about is how nursing will require new roles not yet imagined within nursing. Please elaborate on everything i just saidWhy were these concepts important?As state in the text(use this in-text citation) “nurse practitioner and clinical nurse leader sit side by side to learn advanced skills. and complete more than 400 clinical practice hours” so I agree, clinical nurses leaders are advanced practice nurses” . Also the fact that only 3.2 percent of the population are psych.mental health practitioner which makes me want to complete the program even more. Mental health is so importance and it’s not something that most people have an interest in obtain a degree in. (use your own words to elaborate.) You can also elaborate on the fact that people are living longer and with comorbidities requires a wide variety nursing roles to open.How will they prepare you for your future role as a master’s prepared nurse?You could use your own words here based on what i wrote and also talk about the small percentage of psych nurses as I am going to mental health.Please elaborate on everything I wrote. 0% plagiarism, please write 2 paragraphs, Please complete by due date, use clear and concise language in an organized manner. Below is the APA reference for the in-text citation aboveDeNisco, S.M., & Barker, A. M. (2015). Advanced practice nursing: Essential knowledge for the profession (3rd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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