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Activities for Class on Perception

watch videohttps://www.cultureunplugged.com/play/7030/Why-We-BuyWhen you watch this video you will be exposed to many interesting sensory marketing examples. Please watch and be prepared to answer on all in class discussions. However, prior to class answer the following questions:1) From watching the video please pick TWO of the primary examples, Swisshotel, Miele, or Cafeteria University Wagenigan, and summarize the task/business problem the company faced and what did they do in terms of research and action to meet their goals.Perhaps you may wish to structure it as I have done so below**2) The German supermarket chain Real uses a lot of sensory marketing techniques to influence shopping behaviors and the “feel” and “comfort” customers have in store. Why do you think that the techniques they employ appear to work? (around the 38 minute mark)**Question One Suggested Format – should be at least a half page:Company: Miele Vacuum CleanersProblem:Activities Conducted to solve the problem:Outcome:

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