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schooling America

Mon 10/11 Colonialism & Residential SchoolsDover, Harriette Shelton (2015).Chapter 6: The Tulalip Indian Boarding SchoolDownload Chapter 6: The Tulalip Indian Boarding School. From Tulalip From my Heart. Pages 105-150.In this autobiography, the author writes about her experiences as a child in the Tulalip residential school. As you read, step into her shoes. Imagine what it was like for her to have these experiences by delving into her words and sitting with them. What are the cultural norms that she is being schooled in? What cultural attributes are being schooled out?What does it mean to be civilized? Are there ways in which your own educational experience resonated with this? Likely very small ways – ways in which your cultural norms and beliefs were sidelined or ignored? Or ways in which what you understood as normal was invisible to you?Campbell, Tessa (May 26, 2016).Hibulb Cultural Center – Lecture Series Tulalip Indian Boarding School with Tessa Campbell (Links to an external site.). Tulalip Tribe. 37:52 min video of a lecture presentation at the Hibulb Cultural Center about the Indian Boarding School at Tulalip.In this presentation to an audience at the Hubulb Cultural Center on the Tulalip Reservation just north of Everette, Tessa Campbell describes her research into the Tulalip boarding school. She reads excerpts from Tulalip from my heart.What are the aspects of this research that most interested you?Why is this important to her? How is she honored for the work that she did in preparing for and presenting this research?Life Hack:Gumbs, Alexis Pauline (2020).learn from conflict (Links to an external site.). From Undrowned : Black Feminist Lessons From Marine Mammals. A short chapter from the Community Reads program at UW Bothell for Fall.”How would we spend our time if we realized that the conflicts we are experiencing now urgently demand that we create a more loving world as soon as possible?”(Feb 1, 2021).The easiest person to fool (Links to an external site.). Hidden Brain from NPR. A 53 min podcast about the value of moving from certainly to curiosity.This podcast explores the science of the brain. Why is it that we are drawn to certainty? Why is that a problem? How can we move towards curiosity?How have you experienced these dynamics in your life? We all have deeply held beliefs that we are almost invisible to us. How can we make changes in ourselves to be more open to curiosity?Wed 10/13 Healing for Peace & ReconciliationCampbell, Peter C and Welsh, Christine (1997).KUPER ISLAND ~ Residential School Survivors Documentary (Links to an external site.). Residential School Magazine. 34 min Documentary film from Gumboot Productions.This documentary follows a group of residential schools survivors as they revisit the school they attended as children. What were their experiences? How do they make sense of them as adults? What does it mean for them to return?(Oct 14, 2019).How the US stole thousands of Native American children (Links to an external site.). From Vox. A 13:41 min video documentary about residential schools and the foster care system.How did the residential schools work in the US?What do they have to do with the foster care system?Webstad, Phyllis (May 25, 2021).EVERY CHILD MATTERS: Orange Shirt Day recognizes harm of Canada’s residential school system (Links to an external site.). Native Report. A 7:43 min zoom interview with the founder of Orange Shirt Day and the author of “The Orange Shirt Story” children’s book (2018).This is the founder of Orange Shirt Day (September 30th), a day of remembrance and action for the children who attended residential schools in the Americas. This year the day was declared National Peace and Reconciliation Day in Canada. What were her experiences, and how did they lead to her activism?Life Hack:Gumbs, Alexis Pauline (2020).be vulnerable (Links to an external site.). From Undrowned : Black Feminist Lessons From Marine Mammals. A short chapter from the Community Reads program at UW Bothell for Fall.Have you been hurt? How do you experience fear? Is that something you experience alone?What happens when you allow yourself to be open and vulnerable to the world?Gumbs, Alexis Pauline (2020).remember (Links to an external site.). From Undrowned : Black Feminist Lessons From Marine Mammals. A short chapter from the Community Reads program book at UW Bothell for this Fall.What is valuable about memory for this author?What are dolphins teaching her?Furlan, Julia, and Tagle, Andee (March 30, 2021).Want To Listen Better? Turn Down Your Thoughts And Tune In To Others. (Links to an external site.)Life Kit. 21 min podcast on how to talk to others – by listening!What are the tools that they offer for how to be a better listener? Are there any tools you use already? Are there any new ideas you might try out?

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