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week’s Learning Resources. Bring to mind an experience where you suffered from the effects of poor listening. Reflect on your listening skills and your relationships.

Read Dianne Schilling’s article for Forbes and also the Executive Advisory’s Poor Listening Habits article.View the media located in this week’s Learning Resources.Bring to mind an experience where you suffered from the effects of poor listening.Reflect on your listening skills and your relationships.Post by Day 3 a 1 to 2 paragraph discussion. In this post you should:Describe a situation or situations in your own life (or imagine one) where you experienced or displayed at least two of the poor listening habits listed in the Executive Advisory article. Explain which ones you experienced or displayed and how they affected the interaction negatively.Choose two of the steps to Schilling’s effective listening and explain how using those two steps would have been changed the outcome of the conversation you described above.

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