What target population is impacted by the cause?

In preparation for designing an advocacy campaign, research the cause you chose: School Facility Funding. In a 3-page paper (not including the title and references pages), answer questions such as:What are the issues related to the cause?Why have you chosen it?What target population is impacted by the cause?What has been the reaction to the cause so far? Cite media sources.Who are the cause’s allies? Who are the opponents?What politics are at play related to the cause?What will be required for individuals to support your cause?What barriers will need to be overcome?What resources and support are available?Topichttp://www.cal-schoolfacilities.org/support.htmlhttps://ed100.org/lessons/whopayshttps://cashnet.org/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0E12AmHnjmwhttps://edsource.org/2019/california-plans-for-school-construction-bonds-sparks-debate-for-reform/610965https://www.sscal.com/advocacyTOOLKITS for ADVOCACYhttps://cof.org/advocacy/advocacy-toolkithttps://www.americansforthearts.org/by-program/reports-and-data/legislation-policy/legislative-issue-center/advocacy-toolkit-for-individuals-and-organizationshttps://plan-international.org/publications/advocacy-toolkit/#:~:text=An%20Advocacy%20Toolkit%3A%20The%20Education%20We%20Want&text=Packed%20full%20of%20ideas%2C%20tools,of%20work%20to%20be%20done.

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