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The Multi-Stakeholder Merging Experiences of Small Nonprofit Organizations A Qualitative Case Study About United Way Affiliates

Chapter 5 

 Discussion, Conclusions and Recommendations

Criteria/ Quality Indicators Evident Not Evident Not Applicable

1-1 Previews the content of the chapter; explains what readers can expect in this chapter and grabs readers’ attention.

1-2 Highlights what and how the results and/or findings of data analysis will be reported to answer the research questions and the hypotheses. 

1-3 Informs how the results of data analysis will be used or transcribed.

Interpretation of the Findings

2-1 Addresses the meaning of the findings. 

2-2 Addresses issues on or related to sampling, measurement, confounding variables, and/or procedural used during the process of data collection and analysis.


3-1 Describes context of findings including its agreement/ disagreement with existing literature. 

3-2 Explains what the findings have revealed or contradicted. 

3-3 If contradicted, explains or clarifies contradictions in the literature in details.

Proposed Evidence-Based Solutions 

Includes answers to the following questions:

4-1 How do(es) the finding(s) support solutions?

4-2 How do factors and stakeholders relate to the solution(s)? 

Recommended Implementation Plan 

Includes answers to the following questions:

5-1 What are the short/ long term goals, procedures, targets, and actual timeline of the plan to address/ solve the PoP? 

5-2 What are the steps to be taken to execute the implementation plan?

5-3 How might the findings affect the factors and stakeholders? 

5-4 How are the stakeholders’ involvement and accountability issues addressed? 


Includes answers to the following questions:

6-1 Who may be interested in or benefitted by using the findings? 

6-2 Based on evidence-based solutions, what does the actual plan of actions for the implementation consist of? 

The followings criteria may be used for both as the narrative and the sample evaluation measures if/when the doctoral candidate develops the DiP with an implementation plan which is to be introduced as the blueprint in their workplace. 

6-4 Based on evidence-based solutions, how would the logistical issues; such as facilities, scheduling, reporting, or evaluation of the implementation plan, etc., be considered?

6-5 What would be the suggested evaluation measures for the implementation plan?

6-6 Would the timeline be realistic and achievable over a specific time period? 

6-7 What tools and/or approaches should be used to assess the implementation plan if/ when implemented?

6-8 What will be the modification plan, if any?


Includes answers to the following questions:

7-1 What are the implications for the practitioner in the field and future research? 

7-2 What are the societal implications?

Summary of the Study 

8-1 Uses clear language to interpret findings.

8-2 Describes context of findings and summarizes implications of findings. 

8-3 Indicates how the research question(s)/ hypotheses were supported by the research study.


9-1 Responds to the preview as described in the introduction part of the chapter and the interpretation of the results. 

9-2 The literature is referenced and the theoretical or conceptual framework used during the study as well as the limitations of the study are addressed. 

9-3 Describes the magnitude of the results in details. 

9-4 Concludes with the results by detailing the future implications on policy, practice, research, and/ or social change as well as the suggested recommendations. 

Stylistic Awareness

10-1 All arguments are written in coherent and convincing manner supported by credible, relevant, and substantive evidence.

10-2 Organizational structures (i.e. introduction, headings for core areas, transition between the paragraphs, and conclusion) are purposeful, effective, and skillful. 

10-3 Uses conventions of the academic writing style (grammar, punctuation, spelling are at the level expected for publication; consistently uses an effective academic voice and scholarly tone.)

10-4 Adheres to APA style in text citations, references, and conventions to reduce bias in language.





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