PERSONAL STATEMENTS1. For all applicants, including Nurse Corps, use the space provided lo describe the following in detail (Limit your statement for each section belowto balwoon 200 and bU words- Reason applying for a commissionPersonal and professional goaisStrenaths/personal characteristics you possess which will contribute lo success in the program(s) to which you are applyingAddress any other relevant information or substantial accomplishments not already covered.This what I have so far:My strategic goal is to influence the intrinsic and the extrinsic motivation throughout the Human Resource Community so that I can provide a reliable outlook.  Becoming a Naval Officer been a goal of mine from the beginning of my career.  I have had exceptional Officers who challenged me and molded me to be the sailor I am today because of their leadership attributes. Exceeding my expectations led to me being promoted meritoriously to 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Class Petty Officer at three different commands.  I have so much to offer and it is important that I step out on faith and share the benefit of my experience with others who are trying to find their way.  I knew during my recruiting tour how important Human Resource was both inside and outside of the Navy.  The knowledge and skills I retained allowed me to become Junior Sailor of the Year.  This pushed me to complete my Masters in Human Resource Management.  This is the very reason why I chose your formidable designation to hone my capabilities to become not just a successful Officer, but one who exudes confidence in arming her sailors with the right amount of leadership, care, and knowledge. I believe that I possess the ethical values and capabilities to become a Human Resource Officer. I hope that you give me the great honour of selecting me into your program. With my excellent background, I can and I will become the Officer that the Navy needs!

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