Literature Review: The impact of past traumatic events on the current mental health for homeless adolescent youth in the United States

The literature review assignment should be 7 to 10 content pages in length and must include: Title page; Introduction; Statement of the Problem; Research Questions and Hypotheses; Overview of the Relevant Research related to your topic; and References – both in text and in a Reference page – should be the final page (20% of course grade).Rubric Criteria for Literature Review Paper· Article Requiremento Utilized sufficient research articles to thoroughly explore current studies related to research question.o Articles were related to hypotheses and relevant to current research in the area identified.· Introductiono Objective of paper is clearly definedo Statistical information about the problem provided (such as incidence, prevalence, etc.)o Clearly articulated statement of the problem, research question and hypothesis· Literature Reviewo Inclusion/exclusion criteria provided for articles included in the Literature Reviewo Objective of studies provided§ Including intended primary outcomes & important secondary outcomeso Hypothesis of studies given – when available – what did they think they would find?o Clinical research design (aka theoretical framework) of the studies described – examples: phenomenological; enabling theory;o Sample size and details provided§ Inclusion/exclusion criteria provided for study samples included in the literature review§ Demographics of study participantso Methods described§ Can it be replicated?o Results describedo Statistical tests utilized in the studieso Important statistical results discussedo Possible author biases were considered.o Conclusions of authors summarized· Discussion and Conclusiono Research articles critiquedo Strengths and weaknesses giveno Importance of the topic to counselingo Apply results to original hypotheseso Future recommendations· Quality of Writingo Spelling, punctuation, and grammar at the graduate school levelo Organized, clear, and concise writing/verbiageo Paper is at least 7 content pages in length – likely longero Adheres to the 7th edition of APA guidelines, including in-text citations & ReferencesRubric Criteria for Literature Review PresentationIn addition to the literature review paper, all students will submit a presentation reviewing the ‘findings of your literature review’ via a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation. Presentations should be 10-15 minutes long when presented and will be graded using the literature review expectations (10% of course grade).PresentationStudent concisely and accurately stated research questions and hypothesis and succinctly explained studies related to the problemPowerPoints were clear with appropriate amount of text on each slide, utilizing graphics to emphasize pointsReferences and citations were includedNo grammar or editing issues

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