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Short Paper

SHORT PAPER: CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWThis assignment will allow you to research and better understand the Constitutional Conventionin Philadelphia in 1787.  The assignment’s purpose is to enhance the historian’s understanding ofthe early American founding era by investigating and interpreting primary and secondary sourceevidence related to the Constitutional Convention.INSTRUCTIONSYou will write a 2-page short research paper on a key person, event, idea, or action of theConstitutional Convention of 1787. The paper must use at least two scholarly sources, but nomore than three sources total. One must be a primary source and one a secondary source.Citation and paper format must apply current Turabian formatting. The paper must be a full 2pages but must not exceed 2 ¼ pages with footnotes applied. So be concise in your writing andverify proper citations, including the use of footnote Ibid. and shortened versions.Overall, you must:1) Identify the key person, event, idea, or action from the Convention.2) Provide a very brief historical narrative of the identified topic.3) Explain the significance of your selected topic.4) Rationalize how this key person, event, idea, or action impacted the founding.Your paper’s body must include an identifiable introduction with a well-crafted thesis statementand a summative conclusion.  The title page and bibliography do not count toward the 2-2 ¼page requirement. No headings should be used (except on the Bibliography page). Also, thepaper must be written in the third person. You should utilize the template from the LU OnlineWriting Center – Writing Style Guide website and reference the sample paper instructions andinformation.

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