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Human interaction with technology

Assignment 2As you can see from this module’s content, technology can be found everywhere including musics and movies. For example, “Kodachrome” by Paul Simon mentioned “kodachrome” and “Nikon camera”. If you are not familiar with this song, you need to search and listen to “Kodachrome” in order to complete this assignment.1. Research on what kodachrome is/was and the history of it;2. Research on the history of cameras;3. Create a PowerPoint document to include your research results4. In the Notes section for each slide, provide a description and interpretation of the information you put on that slide:You need to present your research results within these notes, as well as, discuss how technology can affect people’s way of communication and affect people’s way of sharing information based on your research. For example, what impact of kodachrome had? Why is it not popular now? What impact of cameras (film and digital cameras) have on people’s life? What other technologies have made or are making impact on people’s communication?The information on your slides should not be an exact mirror of your notes (and vice versa).You may want to reviewTips for Making Effective PowerPoint Presentations

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